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Capacitor Control Panels

Capacitor Control Panels We are a high quality manufacturers and suppliers in India of Capacitor Control Panels which are appreciated by our valued clients because of it high quality design and manufacturing as well as it performance even in extreme conditions. We offer highly customized & effective capacitor control panels. Our capacitor control panel are widely used in various industrial unit. Our panel came with a power circuit consisting of contractor, MCB and fuses. We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit in Delhi with all the latest and modern machinery and tools using innovative technologies to manufacture quality products for our esteemed clients.

Details of Capacitor Control Panels

We selected the field of energy conservation or energy saving, witch is a need of the time and is receiving attention from the governments and from private sectors as well. Out of various various electrical fields this area is one part , is a subject of our expertise and experience.

Power factor is the ratio between true power and apparent power,
Thus, P.F. = KWH / KVAH
Here, KWH is an abbreviation for Kilo Watt Hour or Unit.
KVAH is an abbreviation of Kilo Volt Ampere Hour.

This ratio is normally a fraction figure but ideally should be 1.0 (Unity) or as close to unity as possible. This ratio is called power factor. Any value of power factor near to unity is called good P.F. and similarly below 0.92 is assumed as poor power factor.

Power Factor - The power factor of any power consuming centre depends upon three types of loads being used in present day industries. To explain, normally there are three kinds of loads present in any industry, individually or in combination.

Resistive load:
Under this condition the P.F. is always 1.0, i.e. unity. This is an ideal situation. This is achieved with loads like resistive heaters, filament lamps etc.

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