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Stator Rotor Starter

Stator Rotor Starter We supply fully automatic combined stator and rotor starters type PRS that comprise of an air break contactor with over current and under voltage protection for the stator and set of accelerating contactor along with automatic timing devices. These enable the motor to run up-to the speed in a pre-determined time. These are manufactured to conform to IS : 13947 Part-1 section 4 quality standards and are normally suitable for 15 operations per hour.

Contactor: Air break contractor confirming AC III

Timers: Electronic timers to adjust no of steps and time delays.

Overload Relay:
  • Can be provided with either electro-magnetic oil dash pot time lag over current release or bimetallic type thermal relays
  • Give the necessary inverse time characteristics for protecting the connected equipment
Resistance unit:
  • Can be either of nichrome round or fiat strip or cast stainless steel grids
  • Stainless steel grids are given for units above 100 HP
  • Wire wound resistances are supplied fro lower HP
  • Start, Stop and Reset push buttons, are provided on the front cover
  • Terminals are also provided for remote operation by outside signals.
  • Can be fitted quick make and quick break isolators
  • Its operation can be interlocked with the front cover.
Instruments and Cable Arrangements:
  • Provision is made for mounting metering instruments
  • Blank gland plates are provided for fixing cable glands
  • Standard ratings are up 40 HP  to 400 HP at 415V and 2000 HP at 6.6KV
  • Specific details regarding rotor volts and rotor currents should be supplied with the inquiries.

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