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Variables Frequency Drives

Variables Frequency Drives We offer a range of variable frequency drives that are available in 6 control modes and are offered at competitive prices. These drives accomplish part load control by varying electric motor speed, significantly reducing energy waste.


Available in 6 Control Modes:
  • V/f variable torque control
  • V/f constant torque control
  • Sensor less vector control
  • Closed-loop vector control
  • Sensor less PM motor control
  • Closed-loop PM motor control
Are Environment-friendly:
  • Optional built-in EMC filter (up to 30kW at 400V series, 5.5kW at 200V series.)
  • Optional built-in DC reactor (37kW at 400V series, 22kW at 200V series,and above)
  • RoHS Directive compliant
  • Selectable Soft-sounds
  • High-efficiency operation
  • Dioxin-free plastic cases
Available in Global Design:
  • UL, CUL and CE compliant
  • Field bus interfaces (Modbus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, CCJJnk)
  • LED display as standard
  • Multi-language LCD monitor as option
Other Features:
  • User-programmable built-in PLC
  • Application-specific features
  • Multi-pump control
  • PID control
  • Traverse control for fibre machines
  • Spinning ring frame
  • Energy optimizer
  • Elevator program

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